Refresh & Refine - Virtual Retreat

25 - 27th of June 2023

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Every year seems like a BIG year at the moment, and we are all a little DIZZY from "pivoting" or "doubling down". We are all craving some uninterrupted time to think, refresh & refine our business and project plan.

Whether it is creating time and space to bring a project to fruition or to develop a solid business vision fo the year ahead, you are craving the space to do it.

I know you need some time out from home to just dedicate to yourself and your business.

Imagine what you could get done with a whole uninterrupted weekend or midweek break?!

No home-schooling, no laundry, no expectations, no reasons to stop or go, no restrictions… Just you, your business, your business bestie, and the time you’ve craved for so long now.

Either in the comfort of your own home, amazing hotel suite or holiday stay you can have this space (which I will help you set up with SPACE MEDICINE) you can enjoy the Refresh & Refine Virtual retreat with me.


25 - 27th of June 2023

How it works 

Book in to the retreat to secure your place. Make sure you then block out your calendar, as the first step in your commitment to creating a space for your Refresh and Refine journey.

We will work with you to uncover what is going to be the ideal space for you to retreat to. It could be your home, a hotel, a tent. Together we will find the perfect  space for you. 

Part of creating a space that is overflowing with space medicine is about what you bring to the space. I have packing lists for you, so you will be able to create a space that nurtures your creativity. 

Once the retreat starts you will enter your space and join the retreat from the comfort of your sacred space.

Open up the gift box we send out with little touches to make your time in and space even more special to you

Connect - whether you are with your staff, business buddies or on your own, you will get the chance to share, connect, dream over food and drink with retreat attendees.

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Your Retreat Host: Naomi Findlay

Naomi is the founder and principal educator at the IIHS™ and Naomi Findlay Pty Ltd, She was the founder and lead stylist of Silk Home Staging & Styling, a successful home staging business, is the author of the bestselling books The Start Up Guide to Renovating for Wealth, Sell Your Property For More Money, created her own range of paints and home accessories, runs workshops around Australia and New Zealand teaching all about how to business success in the creative industries, renovation and styling.

In addition to her styling skills and expertise, Naomi has postgraduate qualifications in training and assessment, adult and tertiary education and a PhD on effective elements to education as well as several years of university teaching experience.

Naomi is Australia’s premier home staging and property styling education provider. Naomi mentors and supports hundreds of home staging professionals from start-up to successful professional, through her retreats, workshops and mentoring.

25 - 27th of June 2023

What's Included?

  • Guided program in business and balance
  • Retreat workbook and live mentoring.

  • Experienced facilitation.

  • Connection with like-minded business people.

  • Space medicine guide & guide.

  • Packing checklist.

  • Retreat support gift box.

  • Full support for 3 days.

NOT INCLUDED: Accommodation, Catering, Transport

Rejuvenate your mind, body and business with our 3 day  Virtual Retreat

Naomi Findlay at Waukivory Estate